Join me, Amanda, an International Kiteboarding Organization  Level 3 Instructor for kiting trips and lessons! Individualized instruction is offered in the Midwest, La Ventana, and during kiting excursions Worldwide.

Kiteboarding lessons are taught in open areas with flat and shallow water. Landkiting lessons are on grassy fields and hard packed beaches.  Snowkiting lessons are taught on snow covered areas and frozen lakes.

Exact location is determined dependent upon the weather, conditions and your requirements. We’ll schedule lessons at a time and place convenient for you and with your needs in mind.


Years of experience becoming proficient at a wide variety of sports and a passion for teaching enables me to provide lessons that are rewarding and easy to comprehend. Since a very young age I have sailed, snow and water skied along with a multitude of other snow and water-related activities.  As a Professional Sailing Instructor, I have over twelve years of experience teaching lessons off the beaches of Chicago on dinghies, catamarans, and windsurfers.  In addition, I spent many seasons as a Professional Snowboard & Ski Instructor in the Lake Tahoe area.  My interest in kiting developed twenty years ago, in its inception.  I knew instantly then, that kiting was for me.  It was a natural progression to start teaching kiting and I have been a full time Professional Kite Instructor for over ten years living in New Zealand, Australia, Miami, and the Maldives. Now I live seasonally between the Midwest and La Ventana, and organize fun-filled trips to the best kiting destinations in the world!

Kiting is an exciting and versatile sport that brings so much happiness to people.  Kiting has a way of bringing you into the present moment as full awareness is required for you to progress.  This intense state of concentration results in a feeling of flow and connection to the elements.  I have great enthusiasm for sharing this joy with others. My desire is to teach in a way that students feel safe, have fun and are appropriately challenged throughout the entire learning process. Kiting is enjoyable at each stage of learning, from first fly of the kite to landing new tricks!


For further information and to schedule lessons, obtain an IKO certification and demo equipment please call or email me at:

Phone USA:       +1(541)760-6495

Email: Amanda[at]LikeToKite.com